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Free 1-1 Business Advice Session

Made Possible by the Australian Small Business Advisory Service Program (ASBAS)

Free 1-1 Business Advice Sessions with a Bayside BEC Business Advisor.

Made possible by the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Program funded by the Federal Government. 

Do you need help in various areas of your business ? Would you like an advice session with one of our expert marketing advisors, or with our Instagram whizz advisor ?

Would you like to increase your online leads and sales, or build a social media presence online?   

Whatever your specific business needs are, we are pleased to be able to offer free & low cost, high quality business advice sessions, due to the support from the Australian Government with the ASBAS Digital Business Solutions Program.  

Maybe your business could benefit from implementing small business software, or you’d like to know how best to protect your business from cyber criminals.


For a free a 1-1 advice session.

The ASBAS program offers free & low cost, high quality and business & digital advisory services to Australian small businesses in the metropolitan and regional areas across four priority digital capabilities:  

  • Websites and selling online

  • Social media and digital marketing  

  • Using small business software  

  • Online security and data privacy  

  • Business crisis management and business continuity planning

  • Finance management and boosting cashflow

  • Staff management and creating a safe work environment

  • Retaining and staying connected to customers

  • Resilience and wellbeing

  • COVID-19 stimulus packages for small business


The intended outcome of the Digital Business Solutions Program is to increase access for small businesses to advisory services, that will support and enhance competency by improving small business satisfaction, by meeting their needs for quality digital advice at an affordable price point.  

Currently due to Covid eligible businesses can access a number of free Digital Business Solutions Program sessions.  

Bayside BEC is a provider of the ASBAS Digital Business Solutions Program and provides a services to small businesses through workshops, webinars, and one on one business advice sessions. These are delivered through a range of channels and formats, including face to face, remote delivery methods such as video calls online, webchats, interactive webinars, and phone calls. This digital service is designed to improve, support, and enhance small businesses digital competencies. The program can include an assessment of digital needs and the development of a digital engagement plan.   


Some of the topics we can assist you with are:

  • Assess & suggest improvements to your website and online selling tools 

  • SEO and how it can help you improve your lead generation and sales

  • Social Media Marketing and the do's and don't of it

  • Help you create a digital marketing strategy including social that gets results

  • Show you how software can save you time & increase your profitability 

  • Explain online cyber security and data privacy in plain English  

Our goal is to help you increase your digital presence, profitability, sustainability, and security. Please take a moment to read our client consent terms.   

Please note: To be eligible to receive this service with us,

you must be located in NSW or ACT and have an ACTIVE and REGISTERED Australian Business Number (ABN).

By applying for a free business advice session you  you acknowledge

agreement with the terms and conditions as outlined here.

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors for making Bayside BEC possible.

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