Business Fitness Assessment

Explore Your Side Hustle

$330 inc GST 

A deep dive diagnostic process that provides insights into more than 9 core elements of your business and results in a report that will enable you to modify; fine-tune and optimize your business results in the key areas examined and deliver a timeline of major business development steps.

With the BEC you will get real results.


The Business Fitness Assessment will cover core areas of your business including:

  • Understands its customer segments

  • Strength of the business value proposition

  • Where and how you are selling your products/services

  • How you are building and maintaining your customer relationships

  • Evaluate existing revenue stream against your value proposition

  • Your current resources and future resource requirements

  • Existing and future business partnerships

  • The current cost structure 

  • Scaling and sale potential

  • The key activities required to sustain and grow your business.

  • Direct and tailored feedback from an expert in small business development and growth

Our advice programs follow a structured process of helping you build the capability to achieve all of your business objectives.  Let us work with you to ensure that in the next 6 months,you focus on the right things that will take your business to the next level  


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