Helping your Business Through the Corona Crisis

Ask yourself these questions...

  • How well set up is your business to sell and deliver your products and services online during the current situation?

  • If your cash-flow has been impacted, what are the strategies you are adopting to boost your cash-flow?

  • How do you mainly get your customers – website, social media, word of mouth, etc?

  • What social media platforms do you mainly use? How well are they working for you?

  • Do you use software in your business such as accounting software, CRM, or cloud storage software?

  • What protection do you have against cyber-attack or malware?


If you are unclear about the answers to these questions, then that's where the Bayside BEC can help you put together an effective plan to come out the other side of this crisis - with momentum.  Book a free 30-minute advisory session with specialist advisors


See the areas of assistance we can offer you below and also check out the links to important government initiatives.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Help

Our Response to COVID-19.

Your business and our business are not dissimilar, we are both navigating our way through a difficult time which inevitably has touched everyone in one way or another.

At the Bayside BEC, we have put our people first, so they can, in turn, continue to support our business community whilst maintaining the utmost vigilance on their health

and well-being.

With the support of our government sponsor ASBAS, the Bayside BEC has structured all of its activities to be conducted remotely using a combination of video conferencing, email, and phone, making it possible for us to providing a similar level of service to our clients.

Whilst we are still open, our staff perform these services remotely from their homes, so they can continue to assist you with valuable business advisory services as detailed below.

We are here to help you.

Some of the areas we can assist you with are, defining a business strategy and plan for surviving and growing your business at the other end of this crisis. Specific areas of support are:

  • Strategy – business crisis management and business continuity planning

  • Finance – boosting cashflow

  • Marketing, social media, and digital approaches to increase revenue and reduce costs.

  • Cyber-security – how to secure your business and your clients in our new online world.

  • Human Resources – staff management and creating a safe work environment

  • Customers – retain and staying connected to customers

  • Resilience and well-being

  • Plain language advice about the various COVID-19 stimulus packages for small businesses.


And other useful business resources:


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