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Below is an example of our marketing modules. Take advantage of our courses and learn the marketing strategies to boost sales. Target your marketing efforts to reach the your audience with the right approach and methods. When you perform your marketing initiatives effectively, your business will gain visibility, increase in sales, and achieve overall success.


Marketing Fundamentals

Includes 8 video modules:

  • What Is Marketing? 

  • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing 

  • The 4 Key Elements of Marketing 

  • Developing a Marketing Plan 

  • Determining Your Unique Selling Proposition 

  • Understanding the Marketing Funnel 

  • Persuasion vs. Manipulation in Marketing 

  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics


Brand Identity and Strategy

Includes 6 video modules:

  • What Is a Brand and Why Is Branding Important? 

  • Developing Your Brand Personality 

  • Visual Brand Design Essentials 

  • A Guide to Brand Positioning and Messaging 

  • How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story 

  • Considerations and Strategy for Rebranding


Content Marketing

Includes 8 video modules:

  • What Is Content Marketing? 

  • Choosing Your Content Distribution Channels 

  • Creating Content for Your Target Audience 

  • Developing Your Voice and Tone in Content Marketing 

  • Developing Your Content Strategy 

  • Creating Content for the Marketing Funnel Tips for 

  • Creating Engaging Content 

  • Business Blogging 101


Email Marketing

Includes 9 video modules: 

  • Writing Effective Marketing Emails 

  • Avoiding Spam Filters When Sending Emails 

  • Writing Compelling Email Subject Lines 

  • Segmenting Your Audience 

  • Designing an Effective Email Marketing Campaign 

  • How to Craft High-Performance Marketing Emails With A/B Testing 

  • Email Design Fundamentals 

  • The Benefits of Email Automation 

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Email Marketing


Marketing Analytics

Includes 5 video modules:

  • What is Marketing Analytics? 

  • Choosing Marketing Key Performance Indicators 

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing 

  • Campaigns Tips for Interpreting and Analyzing Marketing Data 

  • Using Storytelling to Communicate Data.


Paid Advertising

Includes 6 video modules: 

  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

  • Understanding Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

  • A Guide to Out-of-Home Advertising 

  • What Is Display Advertising? 

  • Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Display Ads 

  • Recapturing Audience Attention Through Remarketing 


Consumer and Market Research

Includes 6 video modules: 

  • The Importance and Types of Customer Research 

  • How to Identify Your Target Market 

  • How to Create and Use Buyer Personas 

  • Creating a Customer Journey Map 

  • How to Conduct a Competitive Landscape Analysis 

  • A Guide to Market Segmentation 


Search Engine Optimisation

Includes 8 video modules: 

  • Mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  • Basics SEO Keyword Research and Selection 

  • 15 Factors That Affect Your SEO Rankings 

  • Optimizing Content for SEO Technical Optimization for SEO 

  • Link-Building Strategies for SEO 

  • Structuring Your Website for SEO 

  • Writing Alt Text to Optimize Image SEO 

  • 6 Must-Know Image Optimization Tips


Product Marketing

Includes 9 video modules: 

  • Introduction to Product Marketing 

  • Understanding the Product Life Cycle 

  • Finding and Measuring Product-Market Fit 

  • Developing a Pricing Strategy 

  • Crafting an Effective Go-to-Market Strategy 

  • 7 Steps for a Successful Product Launch 

  • Designing Product Pages That Increase Sales 

  • How to Write Persuasive and Informative Product Descriptions 

  • Understanding How Consumers Adopt New Products

Screenshot 2022-08-03 151213.jpg

Website Marketing

Includes 3 video modules: 

  • Using Your Website as a Marketing Tool 

  • How to Design Great Landing Pages 

  • How to Reduce Friction and Increase Website Conversions