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Our Mission & History

Our mission - is to help small to medium businesses grow and thrive, by providing affordable and trusted business advice, coaching and education. We also facilitate networking by creating a community of like minded business owners.


Bayside BEC is regarded as one of the most reputable community advisory agencies in Australia since it’s foundation in 1988.


Bayside BEC, formally known as Botany BEC is one of over 40 Business Enterprise Centres across Australia which are not-for-profit, community-based organisations whose entire purpose is to serve the needs of business and community.  


Our partnerships with industry and government have enabled us to provide essential business services to our community and bridge the gap between large corporate, government and small business. In particular, our partnership with the Australian Small Business Advisory Services provides the Bayside BEC with funding to deliver advisory and coaching services at an economical price point, making them affordable to most emerging and existing small business owners.  


Our accredited business advisors have extensive experience across multiple business disciplines. This combined with our Board of Directors who bring many years of business expertise to the table, lays a stable and solid foundation you can rely on to help you grow your business.  Our Board of Directors take pride in serving the community through the efforts of the Bayside BEC.   

Our History

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Our History - In 1987 Business Enterprise Centres ( BECs) were set up to act as a link between the business community and the Local and State Governments with an aim “to provide free, independent, competent advice and other practical assistance to foster viable local enterprises and businesses in order to boost sustainable economic development and employment”.


Business Enterprise Centres in New South Wales started as an initiative of Tom Cappie-Wood, a former director of the NSW Department of Decentralisation and Development and initiator of the Office of Small Business which is now part of State and Regional Development.


During Tom’s year as president of Sydney Rotary, he made a trip to the United Kingdom, where he was inspired by the ‘Business in the Community’ initiative and the trade unionist Arthur Scargill to establish Business in the Community Ltd in NSW (later renamed Business Enterprise Centres (NSW) Ltd).


The UK  ‘Business in the Community’ was started after the failure of a 12 month-long miners’ strike in 1985, and the subsequent closure of coal mines which resulted in high unemployment among miners.  The initiative was aimed at helping enterprising individuals from affected coal mining communities to start and grow their own businesses. As part of the initiative, large businesses in the Yorkshire area were approached to offer their spare capacity and expert staff, towards helping those who wished to start a business, and so “Business in the Community” was born.

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors for making Bayside BEC possible.

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