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Updated: Jul 30

Gosh, what a month April has been. It has definitely been a month like no other and has provided many challenges on so many levels for each and every one of us.

We’ve been working from home, like most people since around mid-March, so this month’s newsletter is probably a bit different from most!

It’s hard in many ways, not being able to go out and interact with others, and it reminded me of a film I once saw that seemed very apt for our current situation. It’s called Shirley Valentine and it’s a heart-warming movie about life, love and finding yourself. But what brought it to mind is the fact that Shirley spends quite a bit of time talking to the kitchen wall as she feels isolated and lonely.

As you are probably aware, we have taken all our events online, and are now hosting webinars at least twice a month and we are aiming to increase the number if possible. If you have missed any of our recent webinars and would like to view them, you can see them on our YouTube Channel here. To see our current event schedule click here.

If you have a topic that you think might be of interest to other members and would like to discuss being the speaker at one of our webinars, please email me, Louise, at memberships@baysidebec.com.au.

As part of our way of reaching out to the community and helping during these difficult times, we are now offering 30-minute free business advice sessions, to ALL businesses. If you would like to book in for one please click here, or if you are not sure which type of session to choose, please feel free to call me, Louise on 0422 943 174 to discuss, and I will assist you in booking in for the free session with the appropriate advisor.

We also have links to the various resources being offered by the government on our website, covering everything from JobKeeper payment to Business Grants and Hold on Evictions.

On a different note, one of our members The Branksome in Mascot, a hotel and event venue is now offering takeaway food from 10am to 10pm 7 days a week. As you can imagine there isn’t much demand for hotels or event spaces right now, so if you fancy supporting a local business, that would be much appreciated. I can also vouch for their food – it is delicious!!

If you haven’t yet joined our Bayside BEC Members and Supporter Group, please do so as it’s a forum for members to network and help one another. To go to the group and apply to become a member, click here.

We have introduced the Featured Member Area, where we will be featuring members each month.

April Featured Members

I thought my professional life was over despite still being relatively young. I had slowly become unwell, which felt like the life force inside me was being extinguished along with my will to work.

Prior to this, I had had a full-on professional career as a diplomat, working for the United Nations and as a corporate communications consultant. But I was worried this was behind me now because I no longer had the necessary energy or clarity of mind.

At first, I suspected this was what it felt like to get older.

However, this did not make sense because plenty of women my age could work hard without any problem. I also knew that buried inside me, I had a strong desire to go on contributing something meaningful.

Then it dawned on me that if a multitude of specialists and thousands of dollars had not been able help me, I would have to make myself better.

I began to read and research and took control of my health. Food played a big role, I realised. Over time, the pieces of my health puzzle began to fit together, and I started to heal.

This is what led me to become a Nutritional Therapist. Nutritional Therapy is the use of nutrients to restore physical and mental function at a cellular level or the root cause level, (I include mental function because of the way our health impacts our brain, sometimes resulting in poor memory, anxiety and depression).

Now I am trained to use clinical assessments along with lab testing to get to the core of health problems. Recently, I also trained as a Results Coach to help clients transform any self-destructive mental or emotional behaviours into empowering ones.

I find what I do simple and yet truly powerful, when after just 3 weeks, a sixty-five year old woman comes bounding into my clinic, her haze of anxiety and depression lifted; a man who had to urinate so often he couldn’t complete a half-hour train trip to work without getting off once or twice can now hold it in until he needs; or when a young woman realises that her horrendous and debilitating period pains weren’t normal, because now she barely notices them.

Because of my first-hand experiences, my focus is on helping women with digestive problems, brain fog and chronic, sometimes complex illnesses. That said, I have plenty of male clients too.

My website has loads of free information and recipes, and I created a new give away on immunity. I also post health tips at least 5 times a week on Instagram and Facebook. I offer a free first chat to anyone who wants to explore whether Nutritional Therapy is right for them.

Visit Gutsy By Nutrition.

Fernanda Campos has been the branch manager of Bank of Queensland (known as BOQ) Rockdale for the last 2 ½ years.

Fernanda brings over 30 years of experience in banking to the table and has spent the last 9 years with BOQ. She started at Parramatta branch as a Lending Manager, and moved to the Rockdale branch as the Branch Manager in late 2017.

The Rockdale BOQ team is composed of Shaolin and Tessie, who look after Customer Service, Linda the Customer Relationship Specialist, and lender Sandra.

The team has many years of banking experience, and they are focused on assisting and helping customers and exceeding their customers’ expectations.

BOQ participates in local events such as Bayside Council community activities, and supports The Salvation Army family activities, most recently the “Let’s count” program and they are also proud sponsor PCYC St. George.

Fernanda is a great believer in education and takes pride in ensuring customers get the best possible financial advice, so they can improve their circumstances by making sound decisions with their money.

Staff training programs are also highly supported, to ensure that the staff can give the best possible professional advice to customers.

Fernanda can offer the community, solid banking experience in all aspects of business banking. She is currently studying a Master of Business Administration to increase her knowledge, in order to be able to help customers and the community even more.

Call us on 02 9582 2610

Visit Bank of Queensland

Simply Strata have opened their doors at 321 Forest Road Bexley. A strata management firm that prides itself on offering strata plans excellent value for money and making strata simple!    The Director, Lee Kirkpatrick, started BPG Strata in Bowral NSW in 2002. In 2012 Lee changed the name to Simply Strata to reinforce her company ethos that Strata does not have to be complicated, when you have the right strata management team to guide you.    The firm offers 40 years plus combined strata experience, and 30 years plus in the legal profession and with a dedicated team operates both the Bexley and Bowral Offices.    Simply Strata offers a free “Strata Check” to any strata plans that may be looking for a fresh new approach to Strata Management.     Working with Strata Committees is one of our key strengths and never has that attribute been needed more. The economic dynamic of many Strata Plans has changed, and we are promoting the need for many Owners Corporations to re-evaluate their financial position due to the financial changes to the working life of many owners.   Levies were set in a more prosperous time and your manager may have made statements like “putting away for a rainy day”.  

NOW WE HAVE A HURRICANE. If you have sufficient funds in your strata plan you may consider deferring one or two levy payments:  -  Simply Strata can set an agenda for you to follow as a paper meeting (at no charge to the Owners Corporation).  - Simply Strata can complete the minutes for the Owners Corporation which you can then send on to your current manager (at no charge to the Owners Corporation).  To discuss this option or any other Strata enquiries, book a free 20 minute zoom meeting and we will show you how to rally your owners and protect your Owners Corporation.  Simply Strata is all about looking after the locals. Lee Kirkpatrick was born at Rosslyn Hospital on Forest Road and the Licensee in Charge at the Bexley Office went to Bexley Public School. Lee realises that in these uncertain times we have to offer compassion, and a means to resolve what for many is a very difficult time.  Email us at mail@simplystrata.com.au 

Or call us on 1300 587 282

Visit Simply Strata

That’s it from us for this month. We hope you and yours stay safe and well, and please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help.

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