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Updated: Jul 30

Welcome to our June newsletter. It’s a different world that is now opening up, and for many these last few months have been extremely difficult. We hope that you have weathered these difficult months fairly well, and if you haven’t, don’t feel bad about reaching out for help. Many people struggled with lockdown and everything that happened, and it’s okay, not to be ok. But please do reach out for help. We’re now back in the office, although only once a week, so if you’d like to come and see us please call or email first to lock in a time to make sure we are there.  Although we don’t yet have any “live” events planned, we are ramping up our webinar schedule and plan to have a webinar at least every 2 weeks, and sometimes even more. 

Some of these webinars will be more like a workshop, so you will be able to interact with the presenter and ask questions if you wish. On the topic of webinars we have a series of 3 webinars with Kirryn Zerna, on the Top 3 Online Essentials To Position Your Business For Growth. It covers the aspect of the Covid recovery phase too. If you’d like to book in click here. We are also collaborating with the St George Chamber of Commerce and their events will also be showing in our events list in the near future. 

You may have noticed that we have started to ramp up our social media posts, if you aren’t already following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, please do. As we will also be featuring members on our social media each month, or possibly every second week subject to how much interest there is. The featured member will have a very short one or two line intro, and a link to their website and their photo or logo. Something along the lines of “Meet this week’s/month’s featured member“ then a sentence outlining what the member does and the link and logo/photo. We will post this on all our social media platforms. If you would like to be featured, please reach out to us. Email Louise memberships@bayside.bec.com.au or call on 0422 943 174.  We are also still offering free 30 minute business advice sessions, so if you haven’t already taken advantage of the offer, please do so. You can book in here and if you know of a business that might benefit from an advice session let them know about it. All they need to qualify is an ABN.  Our Facebook group is slowly growing, and we now have 38 members. If you haven’t yet checked it out and joined please feel free to do so.  We hope that July is a very good month for everyone, and if you need help or want to have a chat about how we may be able to help you, please do give us a ring. You can reach us on these numbers; Louise on 0422 943 174 or John on 0420 990 599.

June Featured Members

CaringKids is a local registered charity, that is dedicated to providing Toy Boxes and raising awareness of children that have special needs siblings, or if they are a young carer.  CaringKids honour the unique contribution each child makes caring for their disabled or ill family member, with the creation and delivery of every Toy Box. They also provide Toy Boxes to children in need who live in foster care or kinship care families, have a disability, or are at risk of harm.  “Our Toy Boxes are designed to assist children to learn, play and read. They contain brand new and excellent quality pre-loved donated items such as toys, educational items, puzzles, games, books and stationery.  We ship our Toy Boxes to children across Australia”, said Margaret Skagias, CEO and Founder of CaringKids.  CaringKids also operates a toy recycling social enterprise. They rescue unwanted new and pre-loved toys from landfill, recycling them for redistribution in Toy Boxes. Recycled toys are also sold online or at My Kids Markets NSW market stalls across Sydney. Toy sales enable CaringKids to pack and send more Toy Boxes to children in need. “We have rescued more than 4,000 toys, puzzles, books, games from landfill by hosting local community toy drive donation collections, in partnership with local preschools and businesses. Our volunteers clean and sort all the donations and prepare them for a second chance and a new home”.

CaringKids are proud to work with the following local organisations and businesses including Bayside Business Enterprise Centre, Storage King Eastgardens, Laugh and Learn Toy Store, My Kids Markets NSW, Pack and Send Couriers Botany, Coogee Lions Club and the Member for Coogee Dr Marjorie O’Neill who provides a CaringKids toy donation drop-off location at her electorate office.  “We have been operating since 2014 and we have been member of Bayside BEC for the last two years. As our charity also operates a social enterprise, we have had access to valuable business mentoring and support. We’ve also been supported by the network of Bayside BEC members and as a new organisation trying to navigate to many different opportunities and challenges, we have been able to move forward and continue shipping our Toy Boxes and developing our business model". To find out more about CaringKids including volunteering and opportunities to donate,

visit CaringKids.

Or visit us on:



You can connect with CaringKids CEO and Founder Margaret Skagias on LInkedIn.

physiotherapist and have been a member of Bayside BEC for the past 5 years. I started my clinic from humble beginnings out of my parent’s granny flat in 2014.  I had always envisioned practicing a unique brand of physiotherapy, truly putting our clients first, and being preventive and proactive in our approach.  It wasn't enough to simply get them out of pain, but rather to give them the tools to take charge of their lives and achieve all their treatment goals.  I am pleased to say since those days, in our brand new state of the art space in Alexandria, I have been growing a tribe to help my vision come to fruition. As a practitioner, I have a varied background having worked in elite sports, corporate wellness and most recently academia. I have been teaching at UTS in the school of physiotherapy for the past 2 years whilst still running my clinic.  I bring all my experience to the table in a consultation, and I’m genuinely excited at the prospect of helping our clients achieve their goals.  I’m always happy to chat to anyone that needs guidance or support. Please feel free to get in touch.  Thanks and regards,  Yves Silveira 

Visit Yves Silveira Physiotherapy

That’s it from us for this month. Have a great July and stay safe and well, and please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help.

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