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Welcome to our May newsletter. It’s been a difficult time for all of us adjusting to lockdown, working from home, and for many juggling children and homeschooling whilst working from home too. Plus, many whose businesses have been severely impacted by COVID 19 in a myriad of ways. I don’t know about you, but it has certainly made me realize how much I took for granted – the simple pleasure of going out for a walk, or going out for dinner when I felt like it or meeting with friends just to name a few. Now with most businesses set to open again next week in June, it is a new period of adjustment. However, it still feels like we may be in the eye of the storm, and not yet out the other side. If you feel you need help or advice before reopening or really promoting your business again in these “new” times or just advice in general, please do reach out, as we have a number of advisors and members who have written good articles, or presented webinars on how to move forward during these times. The topics range from protecting your company from bad debts to HR considerations to pivoting to make your business more relevant to the current times and many more. We are also still offering free 30-minute business advice sessions, so do take advantage of the offer and book in. To book a session, click here. On a different topic, we don’t normally like to promote any particular webinar, but we’re making an exception because of the topic. 

Cyber security. Most of us won’t have fortunately had much to do with it, however, attempts by cybercriminals are getting more frequent and more convincing. Only this week I myself got an email purporting to be from “Netflix” and it looked fairly legit too, saying they could not process my payment etc. and I almost

clicked on it, as I’d just had one of my cards expire and had been updating everywhere with my new card, so thought "oh I must have missed Netflix – I’ll update it." But then checked the actual sender address and it was from radomletters@more radomnletters. com although what I saw at first was an email address that seemed to be service @ Netflix. com (I can’t write it together as Gmail now recognizes it as a phishing email) but that was not the case when I received it. So always check the actual email address! Our webinar on online security is on the 10th of June. To register click here. To those who have not yet joined our Bayside BEC Members and Supporter Group, we’d love to have you be part of the group, as it’s designed as a forum for members to network and help one another. To join, click here.  On the topic of events, we don’t have any planned in person for the foreseeable future however we are exploring having online interactive workshops, seminars, and master courses on various topics. If there is a topic of particular interest, please email us as we would very much appreciate feedback around this.  Staying on the topic of events, if you missed one of our recent webinars you can view the recordings here. Upcoming events can be viewed here. If you need help or want to have a chat about how we may be able to help you, please feel free to give us a ring. You can reach us on these numbers;   Louise on 0422 943 174 John on 0420 990 599.

May Featured Members

Taking the leap of starting your own business – my journey so far As I prepared to meet with my CEO to tell him I was resigning from my Corporate HR role, my mind was full of what ifs….What if I fail? What if I can’t run a business? What if I regret this decision? Here was a risk averse mother of two standing on the edge of the precipice preparing to take a leap and mindset shift to a small business owner!  Fast forward 18 months and I have no regrets, I seem to be doing ok at this running a business ‘thing’, providing outsourced HR services to small businesses, and so far, I’m still solvent even in the middle of a pandemic!  My journey has been a flurry of firsts. First sales meeting, first invoice, first advice given, and the list goes on. On my first day in my home office, I christened my whiteboard and wrote 4 words: Courage, Patience, Persistence and Back Yourself. These words have kept me laser focused on what I need to be successful.  Courage Just “20 seconds of courage”, that’s all it takes. Despite my love of people and outgoing nature, I often had to use that mantra when I walked into a networking event alone, when I made a ‘cold call’ or dropped off a brochure about my services. Full of doubts - will they think I am too pushy? Will they know what HR is? Will they want me or my service – it was courage that led me to “Just do it” as Nike would say.  Persistence Persistence, tenacity, determination, resolve; you need a lot of it in the early days. I am selling a brand, the HR Dept and also my own expertise. It takes persistence to educate and inform potential clients about the brand, what I do, who and how I help and can add value to their business. 

I'm planting seeds; some may wither, some may flower in a few months, some may take years to bear fruit. Patience I am quite an impatient person! I have learnt that small business owners are really busy and using my service is not always going to be their number one priority, so I have to be patient and have become the queen of the follow up. Building awareness of your personal brand means that it may take months of patiently waiting, however when a people issue arises, I want to be front of mind.  Back Yourself  We are all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. I have been helped on this journey by an incredible tribe of supporters; my family, friends, and past colleagues; my cheer squad who have reminded me to back myself and at times have way more confidence in my abilities than I do.  It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and income. It’s been incredibly rewarding, inspiring and at times terrifying – it’s been the challenge I was seeking and then some! I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity to share my personal perspective. If it inspires just one person and gives them the confidence to feel the fear and do it anyway, it will be worth it! Esther Colman is the Director of the HR Dept, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, who provides outsourced HR services, practical advice and people support for small to medium sized businesses. If you would like to talk to Esther about how she can help your business, call 0423 326 774 or 02 8052 3355

VIsit HR Dept Eastern Suburbs Sydney

BEC member, Kelly Walker recently launched her business, Klipsta. As a busy mum of three, Kelly was all too familiar with the little frustrations that families face on a daily basis.  Her first product launch came about after hearing one too many cries of “Mum, I’ve lost my school hat again!”, She decided to turn her passion for problem-solving into action. She soon realised that once hats come off heads, they often get left somewhere or stuffed into bags and damaged.  Kelly developed the Klipsta Hat Clip, which quickly and easily attaches your hat to your bag or belt. This smart magnetic clip keeps your hat securely fastened using a unique patented lock feature.

This means you can carry your hat hands-free. You never need to lose a hat again. Simply attach, lock, clip - and you’re good to go!  Kelly was adamant that she wanted to support Australian manufacturing, and after 7 months of researching, testing and negotiating she managed to secure an Australian manufacturer. By developing simple yet innovative products that solve everyday problems, Kelly hopes she can make life a little easier for busy mums everywhere - so they can go about their day with less stress and more confidence. Stay tuned for more products! 

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Dot DWG is a Design Studio with a difference.  I provide a personalised commercial Interior design service with the aim of providing amazing design value and reducing costs for clients.   I started Dot DWG during the middle of the GFC in 2008. People were asking me if I was crazy at that time. Well almost 12 years later and in the middle of another unpreceded event, Dot DWG is stronger than ever. Dot DWG is valued by our clients for providing Commercial Interior Design solutions without the risks.  I have abundant experience in Interior Design and solid Project Management proficiency which takes the headache away from small and middle size business during a time of change. This usually occurs at end of a lease, and the fit out of the new office space.   From my experience, large design companies just want to finish a new fit out and get onto the next big thing. I understand every business is different and sometimes needs to make changes, that’s why I like to build relationships and take care of our client’s ongoing needs throughout the life of a fit out. Most of Dot DWG’s clients love this level of service and as a result have stayed with us for many years and usually more than one fit out.  Often a small to medium sized business will cast the responsibility of a new fit out to the Office manager or HR department who are swamped with their usual daily work load. 

I like to put the fun back into the whole process for the key stakeholders. I can do this because Dot DWG value design and understand budgets and deadlines. I have watched the office design industry change over the past few years with senior managers wanting to work with big design companies with the false impression that they are paying big fees to reduce risk. This year I have seen the change back to the value of trusted smaller design studios.  Dot DWG has completed 1000’s of successful office fit outs. I have a strong focus on DESIGN, details, cost saving budgets and project management for office fit outs. I believe in a tailored approach, flexible enough to work in well with existing IT and client resources.  If your business needs to reduce costs and get back to work by upsizing, downsizing or being COVID-19 sorted, Dot DWG is the right company for you.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.  Byron Wood Principal Mb: 0430 379 456 E:

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That’s it from us for this month. We hope you and yours stay safe and well, and please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help.

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