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Bayside BEC Cost Effective Business Support Services

Imagine your business growing with the help of the Bayside BEC

Through our collaboration with the Office of Small Business and the Digital Business Solutions Group, the Bayside BEC can bring you cost-effective advisory and coaching services and other important digital services and events that will prove invaluable to your journey in developing or growing your business. 

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Structured Business Advice

Imagine you were surrounded by people who could support you every step of the way to make your dream business a reality. Working with the Bayside BEC can take you leaps ahead in your thinking, planning, and execution.  


Expert Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process, designed to assist you with the choices you face and to create lasting change. We all experience changes in our needs, expectations, environment, relationships, careers, economics, business, time demands, and so much more.

Business Education

Staying up to date with developments in the areas of business management, marketing, and information technology can be a real challenge. At the BEC we run a series of group workshops to help you improve your knowledge and skills and accelerate your business growth. 

Flexible Learning - Webinars

Australian Small Business Advisory Services and Digital Solutions program supports the Australian Government’s commitment to enhance the capabilities of local small businesses. It delivers low cost, high quality and digital advisory services to Australian Small Businesses in the metropolitan and regional areas across four priority digital capabilities including, websites and selling online; Social media and digital marketing; Using small business software; online security and data privacy.

Connections - Networking

You have started your business and put all your plans in place and are exposing your business through digital marketing, but whats missing?

Flexible Working - Co-Working

You started your business from home and are earning some income and now its time to take the next step in the evolution of your start-up.  A co-working space could be just the way you bring a professional edge to your business and gain the extra focus - away from distractions to give your business the extra push it needs.


Partnerships Spanning 30 Years



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