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Setting up an effective social media plan, can be the difference between a struggling and a thriving business.

We know your frustrated.  A small business owner who has so many things to manage and then to waste valuable time of social media that has not improved your brand exposure or your sales.

Most people are being sold on treating symptoms and not the cause. Like needlessly paying for search ranking when your social media and other digital assets that under perform.

Setting up your social media program is not about saying what you will post, it is  about building a plan, understanding the goals, identifying thee market, determining the platforms and identifying the messaging and frequency and then measuring its effectiveness.  This takes education and support.  The BEC have experienced advisors who can support you to achieve increase awareness of your business resulting in increase adoption of your products an


Key Aspects of Customised Coaching Session includes the following

  • Developing your plan, identifying the right goals and objectives

  • Reviewing your competition and how that affects your social media objectives

  • Reevaluation of your existing social media output to determine efficacy 

  • Developing your social media program in alignment with your brand

  • Creating a program of social media posts, blogs, adverts using a calendar so that you don't over post

  • Identifying the best platforms for your business type and demographic

  • How to evaluate who your social media audience is  and what they want

  • How you can reach more people

  • Determining how to choose the best visuals to attract your audience.

  • Learn how to measure and monitor your social media efforts with the right tools.

Plus you can ask your advisor to help setup and implement your social media.

This advice is delivered under the Australian Government's Digital Business Solutions Program. You will require an ABN to participate.

By attending you acknowledge agreement with the terms and conditions as outlined here.  



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